Timmons: President Trump Listened to Manufacturers

Madison, WI, February 28, 2017 – National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons issued the below statement on tonight’s joint address to Congress by President Trump. Timmons is in Madison, Wisconsin, on the final leg of the NAM’s weeklong State of Manufacturing Tour, which has traveled the country to highlight real-world solutions to grow manufacturing: 

“Tonight, Donald Trump hit the reset button and offered a message of unity and economic opportunity. Manufacturers are grateful for his message to rekindle the American spirit. This is what the American people needed to hear. This was a speech Americans expect of a President."

“The President demonstrated that he listened to the concerns and policy proposals from the National Association of Manufacturers. And he outlined a bold plan to act on our key priorities, in order to ensure government will be a partner in creating the economic environment we need to compete, succeed, invest and create jobs for Americans."

“Manufacturers are energized by the President’s proposals for competitive tax and smart regulatory reforms, as well as his call for significant investment in our nation’s infrastructure. Manufacturers are ready to stand with him as he pursues $1 trillion of long-overdue investment in infrastructure, or as he declared: a ‘new program of national rebuilding.’ Manufacturers are also ready to work with Congress and the Administration on comprehensive tax reform, and we look forward to seeing the President’s plan to provide a transformational jolt for manufacturers and our economy."

“President Trump is confidently and forcefully putting the weight of the White House behind manufacturers’ goals on our key priorities, including reducing healthcare costs to employers. These actions will encourage more investment and create more jobs in the United States to help lift all Americans up and leave no one behind."

“Manufacturers will continue rolling up our sleeves and working to get deals done on our ‘Competing to Win’ agenda and help the Trump Administration secure progress on our immediate priorities. The needs are urgent."

“It is now time to put politics aside for our industry and our country, because the only red and blue in manufacturing is on the flag that hangs in every shop floor.”

“Well done, Mr. President.”

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