Gov. Bill Lee proposes lottery-funded plan to boost vocational, tech training for Tennessee high school students

NASHVILLE — Gov. Bill Lee's first legislative proposal calls for generating more public-private partnerships for his goal to create more vocational and technical training opportunities for Tennessee high school students.

And he's proposing to use Tennessee Education Lottery revenues to pay for it.

The new governor on Tuesday unveiled his proposal, dubbed the "Governor's Investment in Vocational Education," or GIVE, program. It seeks to boost access for high school students interested in dual-enrollment technical courses offered by state community colleges and Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (TCATs).

Lee, a businessman who owns a construction and building services company, campaigned for office last year pledging to boost career and technical training for high school students who may have little interest in attending four-year universities and colleges.

"We believe GIVE is a key step for the future of our kids and ensuring we can fill the jobs of tomorrow," Lee said in a statement. Click here to read the full story>>