We are advocates for Tennessee manufacturers.

The Tennessee Manufacturers Association faithfully advocates for manufacturing companies through lobbyists located in Nashville at the heart of where legislation is passed. We support bills that help you protect and care for your employees best through workforce development and education.

We fight for fair business taxation of products to equip your business with the ability to profit in today’s growing economy. As representatives of the interests of our state’s job creators, we strive to maintain a statewide coalition of manufacturers that speak collectively on matters of interest.

We help manufacturers be profitable and competitive.

The strategic priorities of the Tennessee Manufacturers Association are:



Educate Tennesseans about the importance of manufacturing to the state’s well-being.

Workforce Quality and Development

Work collaboratively with state education leadership and interest groups to ensure Tennesseans have the skills necessary to support world class manufacturing.

Public Policy and Advocacy

Advocate sate executive and legislative agendas that support manufacturing success in Tennessee.

Manufacturing has a long and proud history in Tennessee and is a major driver of economic growth and job creation. Each year more and more regulations are placed on manufacturers harming our competitiveness. We need this type of reform and we look forward working with Tennessee manufacturers in fighting to make this a reality.
— Bradley Jackson, president of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce